Prof. Dr. Claus Jacob

Professorship for Bioorganic Chemistry

Professor Dr. Claus Jacob


Prof. Jacob's research group focuses on the development of intelligent drugs for the therapy of diseases associated with oxidative stress (e.g. cancer, rheumatoid athritis). Ongoing programs include the synthesis of catalytic compounds with sensor/effector properties and their (bio)chemical evaluation with electrochemical methods, protein assays and cell cultures.

The following research areas are of particular interest:

  • The development of sensor-effector molecules
  • The synthesis, electrochemical and pharmacological investigation of intelligent, multifunctional antioxidants
  • Synthesis of redox-active flavones, flavonones, flavonoids, catechins and antocyanidins of natural origin for potential use as "green" pesticides in agriculture
  • Research into naturally occurring substances with antioxidative, antimycotic and antibacterial properties
  • Studies of the new substance class of reactive sulphur species

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