Prof. Dr. Rolf Müller

Professorship for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

Professor Dr. Rolf Müller


The working group of pharmaceutical biotechnology focuses on biologically active substances from microorganisms, especially myxobacteria. The natural products obtained are also referred to as secondary metabolites and are an outstanding source of lead substances for the development of therapeutic agents in the pharmaceutical industry and agrochemicals. Central to the analysis of the active substances is the study of the molecular mechanisms on which the active substance production is based. The group therefore researches the formation and regulation of the biosynthesis of secondary substances in myxobacteria. They are used e.g. as antibiotics, cancer therapeutics, immunosuppressants and antidiabetics.

The following research areas are of particular interest:

  • Competence network "Genome Research on Bacteria relevant for Agriculture, Environment and Biotechnology" - The Sorangium Genome Project
  • BioFuture competition of the BMBF - heterologous expression and modification of natural product biosynthetic pathways from myxobacteria
  • Molecular and biochemical principles of secondary substance formation in myxobacteria
  • Biotechnological production of bromelain

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