Alumni Academy 2017

International Alumni Academy 2017

The first Saarland University international Alumni Academy was held from 13 November to 16 November 2017 on the Saarbrücken campus. This event laid the foundations for our global network of graduates.

In contrast to some other alumni events, the focus here was not on acquiring donation pledges, but on building an international network of ambassadors to represent our university around the world. Those attending also had the opportunity to reconnect with Saarland University, refresh their (academic) ties and develop a new common shared identity.

The event was attended by about twenty Saarland University alumni who now have academic or non-academic positions at universities around the world. The three-day programme was designed not only to allow them to rediscover their alma mater, but to work with us to set up an alumni network and develop innovative recruitment strategies. An accompanying social programme also gave attendees the opportunity for informal networking and for more subject-specific knowledge sharing with subject representatives from Saarland University.