Student applicants and admission

Learning German at the Internationales Studienzentrum Saar

The International Study Centre Saar at Saarland University in Saarbrücken is the central contact point for prospective students who have a foreign higher education entrance qualification and want to prepare for their university studies in Germany. International applicants learn German here and can take the DSH language exam (German language exam for university admission / Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang), which is the German language proficiency test for foreign applicants seeking admission to higher education. But also for applicants whose school-leaving certificate (Abitur) is not recognized in Germany and who have to go through a preparatory college (Studienkolleg), ISZ Saar offers the possibility to learn German within the International foundation programme (VSI) with the three programme options MINT, Humanities or Business Science and Economics. A big advantage of the International Study Center Saar is that the courses take place in the middle of the campus, quasi as part of the university life. A great advantage of the International Study Center Saar is that the courses are held in the middle of the campus, which allows course participants to become acquainted with university life early on.

Twelve different German courses

Participants from around 60 nations are currently registered at the International Study Centre Saar. The German skills that they acquire here provide them with the language proficiency needed to cope with university life in Germany. A total of twelve German courses across all proficiency levels are offered each semester, including courses for prospective students without any prior knowledge of German.

A diverse range of courses

In addition to the preparatory courses, the International Study Centre Saar offers German language courses during the semester. These in-sessional courses are aimed at international students, doctoral students, scholarship holders and visiting academics who wish to improve their German language skills during their stay in Saarbrücken. There are also short intensive language courses before the start of the semester, which are mainly used by Erasmus+ exchange students to prepare for their study-abroad period at Saarland University. Supplementary offers are the in-sessional seminars and workshops (in German and partly in English) in the field ‘International Academic Culture’ (Wissenschaft und Wissenschaftskulturen international) or the language programme tandem learning.

Admission to the courses at the ISZ Saar

Who are the courses suitable for? How do I apply?

The courses offered at ISZ Saar can usually only be taken by enrolled international students and doctoral candidates of Saarland University and by certain applicants of the University of Applied Sciences in Saarbrücken (htw saar) who fall within the scope of specific agreements (for details, please contact htw saar). International exchange students (Erasmus, partner programmes) and university employees can take part in German courses specially tailored to their needs in the department of in-sessional German courses.

Please note: Different application conditions are valid for the various German course offers of our three departments at ISZ Saar.

Preparatory German courses and foundation courses:

  • To participate in the preparatory German courses or in the preparatory programme VSI, you need to be admitted by the Admissions Office of Saarland University. Please note the information on the application of international applicants at Saarland University.
    If you have any questions about applying at Saarland University or enrolling in preparatory DSH courses and VSI courses, please contact the Admissions Office team directly (e-mail: studium(at) The department of preparatory courses (ISZ Saar) cannot provide any information in this regard.

In-sessional German language courses:

  • To participate in the in-sessional German courses (short intensive courses and semester courses), you will need to provide a valid enrolment certificate for the subject you will be studying at Saarland University. Please note that all other requirements depend on the individual courses offered. Registration for these German courses takes place exclusively within the published registration times via an online form on the website of the department of in-sessional German courses.

Courses and workshops in the field ‘International Academic Culture’ (Wissenschaft und Wissenschaftskulturen international):

  • To participate in the in-sessional courses and workshops in the field 'International Academic Culture', you will need to provide a valid enrolment certificate for Saarland University (either for courses at ISZ Saar or for a degree programme). Please note all other requirements and the different application variants depending on the individual course offers.

Language learning in tandem :

  • The tandem programme includes numerous languages (not only German). It is aimed in particular at students and staff of Saarland University and (if places are available) also at external students.

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