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A service provided by the team managing the German language courses for international students in cooperation with the Saarland University Language Centre.

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What is a tandem language exchange programme?

The tandem language exchange programme pairs up people with different native languages who are interested in learning the language of their tandem partner. By meeting up regularly, the international student can learn German and the German native speaker can learn the partner's native language in an authentic conversational environment. Each learner has an excellent opportunity to learn more about their partner's country and culture and the programme helps them get to know other students.

How does a tandem meeting work?

Normally the two tandem partners meet up regularly, ideally once a week. Half the time they speak in the one language and half the time in the other. The tandem language learners decide for themselves how they want to structure the learning sessions, what subjects they want to cover and what resources or media they would like to use. Examples include:

  • Going to watch a film together
  • Having a conversation or discussion
  • Solving study problems and worksheets
  • Talking about their hobbies and interests or university life
  • Visiting a museum together
  • Helping each other with a presentation or written assignment
  • Reading and understanding a text for their university work

Which languages and which levels of proficiency are offered?

In theory, any languages can be combined. Finding a suitable tandem partner depends on the students who register for the programme.

Is in-tandem language learning the right thing for me?

Tandem learning is suitable for any language learner. However, you should at least have a basic command of your target language (i.e. the language you want to learn). So you should at least have attained CEFR proficiency level A1. The tandem language exchange programme is therefore suitable for all learners in the proficiency range A2 to C1 (i.e. elementary to advanced). Learning in tandem allows you to structure what and how you learn so that learning can be matched to your needs and interests. We can help you make the most of the tandem language learning experience and – if you are interested – can provide you with some useful documents.

How do I register?

Registration can be found here online.

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