Courses offered during the semester

The German language courses running during the semester ('in-sessional' courses) take place once or twice a week during the lecture period, depending on the course. They teach general as well as specific language skills at proficiency levels that range from beginner to advanced user, equivalent to the Common European Framework reference levels A0 to C1 (CEFR). The courses are designed for students involved in academic exchange programmes (Erasmus+, other exchange programmes), international students from all faculties, doctoral students from UdS and UKS Homburg as well as guest researchers and their family members. Participants who successfully complete a course can earn ECTS credits or a course certificate (Schein) that meets the requirements for an elective module in their chosen area of study.

Courses offered

For organisational reasons, the data you find in the LSF HisPos under the course no. does not always correspond to the actual timetable of the semester. We thank you for your understanding.


General language courses (twice a week, 6 ECTS credits per course)

Course location

Please note that our General Language Courses and Special Skills Courses - unless otherwise stated - take place as face-to-face/presence classes on the Saarbrücken Campus.
The general courses for ERASMUS students and general courses for doctoral students of the UKS Homburg usually take place as face-to-face/presence classes on the Homburg Campus.

Language proficiency test

A placement test must be passed online by the announced deadline, before admission to the courses. You will receive the link to the placement test after registration.

Course fees

All courses are free of charge for UdS students, doctoral students and postdocs of the UdS.
All other participants must pay per course:

  • Beginner's course: 150 Euro / semester
  • General language Course: 100 Euro / semester
  • Special skills course: 50 Euro / Semester

Performance record

Students can acquire credit points (ECTS) in case of regular participation and after successfully taking the final exam.

Please be sure to read before registering:

When you apply, you can indicate a preference for a particular course. We will make every effort to give you a place on your preferred course if you meet the prerequisites. In all other courses that you have selected, we can only offer you a place if you meet the prerequisites and if there are free places. You will be informed of your placement (admission) in the courses by e-mail.
The registration or the writing of the placement test does not guarantee a place.

Please note! If you miss the first session of the course without being excused, you will automatically lose your place in the course! Please send your apologies to deutschkurse(at)

It is not possible to apply for a specific language level (except for beginner courses). The levels of the courses held always depend on the level of knowledge of the respective course participants. Placement in the groups is made according to the results of our placement test.

Further information and how to register

Abmeldung vom Kurs

Wenn Sie an Ihrem Kurs/Ihren Kursen nicht mehr teilnehmen können/möchten, teilen Sie uns dies bitte unbedingt zeitnah per E-Mail mit: deutschkurse(at)

International Study Centre Saar (ISZ Saar)

Preparatory and in-sessional courses for international students

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Abteilung studienbegleitende Deutschkurse

/ Department of in-sessional German courses

International Study Centre Saar (ISZ Saar)
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Secretary: Christine Koch M.A.
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Postal address

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