Online platform "Wissenschaftliches Schreiben / Academic writing"

Offers from the UdS for writing academic papers

The central online platform "Wissenschaftliches Schreiben / Academic writing" at Saarland University is addressed to all students, doctoral candidates as well as academic employees of the University. The spectrum of - free - support services ranges from workshops to individual writing advice to tips for self-study.

Saarland University offers a wide range of support services for authors of academic papers. Until now, these offers could only be found on the respective websites of the participating departments and central institutions and could not be accessed in bundled form. With the new online platform "Wissenschaftliches Schreiben / Academic writing", which was created in 2021, this structure will become clearer.

Whether it is the transcription of a protocol, a student seminar paper or thesis, or the processing of a academic topic on a larger scale, for example as part of a doctoral thesis or a study as part of a research paper: at all stages of the academic career ladder, the adequate transcription of academic findings and the way to get there is a major challenge for those who have to produce it. Which formulations are correct? How do I structure a paper sensibly? What formal criteria must it follow? "The desire to meet these different needs as precisely as possible finally gave rise to the idea of bundling all existing offers, but also new initiatives for academic writing at the UdS on a now common central platform, and to make them visible and known," explains the coordinator of the online platform, Dr. Barbara Wolf.

The online platform offers a wealth of different activities for both international and native German-speaking authors, regardless of whether they want to publish their work in German or English. The offerings range from "formatting scientific papers" in Microsoft Word, literature research and "academic writing" to one-to-one advice and individual feedback on a German-language text excerpt.

For members of Saarland University, the services are free of charge.


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