Academic and research work

Academic and research work is a core activity at Saarland University and we employ people with a wide range of professional qualifications who perform a variety of roles and functions in many different fields. You will have the opportunity to work in (interdisciplinary) teams in an outstanding research landscape that is both varied in scope and international in character. You will also have the opportunity to teach or tutor students in your academic field. 

Flexible working arrangements are one of the major benefits enjoyed by our academic and research staff. In many cases, you will be able to arrange your working hours to suit your individual needs and take continuing education and professional development courses appropriate to your level of qualification. Whatever phase of your career you are in, you'll be able to acquire new skills or refresh and improve existing skills thanks to our wide range of development programmes, workshops, research training groups, seminars and certificate courses – many of which can be accessed free of charge or at subsidised rates. 

Science and research management is another important area of employment at Saarland University. Our science and research managers create the ideal conditions for our research staff through carefully structured planning, coordination and implementation processes. 

Researchers and academic scholars at Saarland University maintain close collaborative ties to research groups around the world, which opens additional career development opportunities. Take control of your career! Apply now for one of our exciting academic, scientific or research positions. 

Recognized excellence!

In March 2022, Saarland University was recognized with the 'HR Excellence in Research' award by the European Commission. The award recognizes institutions that operate an open, transparent and merit-based recruitment policy, which includes such elements as ensuring the implementation of good scientific practice and the transfer of research results, promoting staff mobility and providing support at all stages of an employee's academic or research career. 

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Academic personnel

When recruiting academic personnel, Saarland University aims to hire well-qualified, open-minded and socially engaged individuals who bring with them innovative ideas that challenge conventional wisdom and who are not afraid to work with others to explore new paths and new solutions. 

  • Have you recently graduated and now want to study for a higher degree? 
  • Perhaps you've completed a doctorate and are now looking for new professional challenges? 
  • Maybe you're passionate about teaching your subject? 

Whatever phase of your career you are in, we offer ideal conditions for you to gain the qualifications you need and we'll support you in achieving your career goals. Take a look at our job listings – The position you want might be waiting for you at Saarland University!


Professorships and junior professorships

We are looking for people eager to drive teaching and research excellence at Saarland University. Anyone appointed to a professorial position will have an individually tailored employment agreement that enables them to work effectively in the international research environment in their field. 

Junior professors will be supported and given the freedom to develop the skills and expertise they need for their future academic careers as they progress towards a full professorship. At Saarland University, we do our utmost to help every member of our professorial staff achieve excellence in their chosen field of research. Browse our listing of current vacancies for full and junior professorships at Saarland University. If you see a position that interests you and you meet the appointment criteria profile, we'd love to hear from you.