Storing your card

To keep your UdS Card functioning properly, please follow the care instructions detailed on this page. Special precautions are needed to prevent damage to the antenna, the chip and the thermal read/write (TRW) laminate.

  • Avoid scratching the surface of the card.
  • Bending the card may cause the antenna to break, rendering the card useless.
  • Keeping the card in a wallet or trouser pocket can cause the card to become permanently curved, preventing it from being read when drawn through a card swipe reader.
  • Chemicals (dry cleaning agents, detergents, etc.) will destroy the surface of the card and the TRW laminate.
  • High temperatures, such as those found in parked cars in summer, can also have a detrimental effect on the TRW laminate, which is written on using a thermal printing technique. If the TRW laminate is erased by the action of excessive heat, the damage can be rectified in most cases by revalidating the card.

Therefore, to avoid damaging your card, please observe the following instructions:

  • do not bend the card or exert too much pressure on it
  • do not expose it to extreme temperatures
  • keep away from magnetic fields
  • protect against scratching and soiling

It is therefore advisable to store the chip card in a solid protective sleeve to keep it from being damaged. The transparent protective sleeve allows you to present your student ID card without having to take it out of the cover. You can obtain such card sleeves free of charge at the card issuing offices.