Card loading and validation terminals on campus

Currently there are several card loading and validation terminals on campus:

Card loading terminals allowing to use the electronic wallet function

These new card loading terminals have replaced the terminals in the Mensa foyers in Saarbrücken and Homburg which could be used to load the 'Essenskarten'. You now have the possibility to load money onto the UdS Card

The Studierendenwerk / the university bear the costs incurred for the transaction. There are more card loading terminals in the foyer of the Saarland University and State Library (SULB) and in the Card Issuing Office in building A4 4 (Campus Center). At these two terminals, recharging your card is possible only with an EC bankcard.

Validation terminals

In order to be able to use your student UdS Card in a new semester that you have re-registered for, the card must be re-validated. You will need to insert it into one of the so-called validation terminals to start the re-validating process during which the semester details as well as the SaarVV logo, which authorizes you to use the card as a semester travel ticket, are printed on the card. The printing process only takes place if the semester fees have been paid. If the AStA has exempted you from the ticket fee, the SaarVV logo will be removed from the card.

Locations of the validation terminals:

  • Foyer of the Mensa, Building D4 1 (Cash & EC bank card transaction)
  • Foyer of the InfoPoint, Campus Center, Building A4 4
  • Mensa in Homburg (Cash & EC bank card transaction)

Furthermore, it is possible to have the card re-validated by the staff at the two Card Issuing Offices in Saarbrücken and Homburg.