Groups of persons eligible for a UdS CardType of UdS CardMeal price category
Students at Saarland University
including students in exchange programmes (ERASMUS etc.),
Scholarship holders enrolled at Saarland University
as well as official student guests of Saarland University
Student card with
semester travel ticket
Junior students at Saarland UniversityStudent card with
semester travel ticket
Pupils who are official guests of Saarland University (school classes, participants in Girls' Day, etc.)noneStudents (paying cash with their pupil ID)
Students of the HBKsaar
and their official student guests
Student card of the HBKsaarVisitors
Students of the htw saar
and their official student guests
Student card of the htw saar
Guest card of the Uds
Students of other universities outside Saarland
with whom the Studierendenwerk has concluded a cooperation agreement:
  • Universität Kaiserslautern
  • FH Kaiserslautern
  • FH Zweibrücken
  • FH Pirmasens
  • Universität Trier
  • FH Trier
  • Universität Landau
  • FH Worms
  • FH Ludwigshafen
  • FB Angewandte Sprachwissenschaften
    der Universitäten Mannheim und Germersheim
Student guest card without semester travel ticketStudents
Students of other universities outside Saarland
without cooperation agreement with the Studierendenwerk
Guest cardVisitors
Non-enrolled students ('Gasthörer')Card for non-enrolled studentsVisitors
University staff including
  • visiting professors
  • scholars and guest researchers with a work contract,
  • members of university staff with a personal contract of employment,
  • work placement students with a service contract
Personalised guest cardUniversity staff
University staff traineeTrainee staff cardStudents
Other members of University staff such as
  • Visiting scholars and guest researchers without a contract,
  • Postdoctoral students and scholarship holders who are not enrolled
  • Medical students who have completed their practical year and are no longer enrolled
  • Emeritus professors,
  • Delegates, external teaching assistants,
  • Members of the Students’ Union Executive Committee (AStA),
  • Trainees / interns without employment contract
Personalized guest cardUniversity staff
University Hospital employeesHospital guestUniversity staff
Trainees at the University Hospital
including school students attending one of the state approved schools
within the University Hospital school complex
Hospital guest card for traineesStudents
Studierendenwerk staffStudierendenwerk cardStudierendenwerks staff

Employees at large research institutes located in the vicinity of the University

As agreed with managementAs agreed with
the Studierendenwerks

Employees of the Start-up Centre

Guest card (‘SZ’)Visitors

Employees of WUT GmbH

Guest cardVisitors

Employees of companies based in the Science Park

Guest cardVisitors
Visitors, suppliers, service providers,
campus-based companies, ministerial staff
Guest cardVisitors