Important Documents For Your Stay Abroad

Stay Abroad - Important Documents

We have compiled the most important documents (besides the official documents for your respective study programmes, which you can find here) for your stay abroad below.

These two documents every student should consult before their stay abroad:

These are documents that you will need for the recognition of your stay abroad after you have returned:

  • If you study "Lehramt", you will need to submit this document together with all of the other supporting documentation for your stay abroad: Bescheinigung zum Auslandsaufenthalt (LEHRAMT)
  • If you study in one of our BA or MA programmes, you will need to submit the following document together with all of the other supporting documentation for your stay abroad: Questionnaire for the portfolio on your stay abroad (BA 2016 and MA 2017)
  • If you studied abroad and you would like to get credit for courses that you took abroad, you will have to fill in and sign the following document and send it to us, together with the official transcript of records from the university that you attended: UdS Learning Agreement für Kursanerkennungen aus dem Ausland (please note that despite the admittedly confusing name, this is not the same as your Erasmus Learning Agreement). If you didn't clear potential course recognitions before your stay abroad, you will also need to provide detailed information about the courses you took
  • If you participated in the PAD FSA programme or did an internship at school in compliance with the ZfL Merkblätter on Auslandsschulpraktika (see here), this document contains information about the recognition of courses at UdS: Informationen zur Anerkennung von PAD Aufenthalten und Auslandsschulpraktika

These two ppt presentations give an overview of the stay abroad / mobility phase in our Department:

We do our best to always keep these updated, but for all deadlines etc. please make sure you always check the relevant webpages yourself!

Please always use the following email address if you want to send any documents: auslandsaufenthalt_englisch[at]

Submit all documents for the recognition of your stay abroad in a single pdf-file. If your documentation is incomplete, your request for recognition cannot be processed.