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Prospective Students

If you are interested in what we do, please take a look at the information about our degree programs available at this site. If you want to see us at the Department, please contact us in advance so we can refer you to someone to talk to.

Take the online "quiz" to check your assumptions and knowledge about studying English (one of the "Erwartungschecks" in the "Study-Finder").

We offer a "Juniorstudium" and a "Starterstudium." Consult Heike Mißler, one of our undergraduate advisors, for more information. General questions can also be directed to juniorstudium(at) Many of our courses are open to ERASMUS students as well, and a good place to find answers to your questions is in our dept.'s ERASMUS pages. Please contact Heike Mißler if you have further questions.



Course directory: All departmental courses are listed in the course directory (LSF) maintained by the university.

Student Handbooks

Our Student Handbooks provide detailed information on degrees and exam procedures (where applicable). The university provides all of the relevant program descriptions, requirements, and handbooks to students at a central location. You will find many of these documents linked below in addition to other important documents important for the various degree programs in our department.

Lehrämter: Englisch

Links and Documents
Reading List (Leseliste) information:

Wirtschaftspädagogik: Englisch

Documents and Contact Person

Wirtschaftspädagogik students should turn to the Lehramt für berufliche Schulen (LAB) as specified in the Fachspezifischer Anhang zur Studien- und Prüfungsordnung Lehramt and the general documents for Wirtschaftspädagogik.

The student advisor for Wirtschaftspädagogik students is Dr. Arlette Warken.

Bachelor's Degree

English: Linguistics, Literatures, and Cultures

Links and Documents

Reading list-related information:

Only applicable to students in the following programs:

English: Linguistics, Literatures, and Cultures (Hauptfach only) / Europäische Literaturen und Medien im globalen Kontext (EuLit - Wahlpflichtfach Englischsprachige Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft) / World English, Literatures and Cultures (Hauptfach only)!


Be sure to consult these documents and links before seeing your adviser.

Communicating with your instructors and other staff

Email etiquette

Please consult this guide to learn more about what staff in the English Department expect when it comes to email and correspondence with your instructors in general.

Department Writing Center

The department now has a Writing Center. Appointments can be made and more information can be found at the Writing Center website.

Teaching and learning platform: Moodle (NEW in SoSe 2019: moodle hosted by UdS)


Most of the Department of English staff host their courses on Moodle, the digital teaching and learning platform used round the world. Starting in SoSe 2019, we began using a new moodle system hosted by the UdS. All registered students simply use their UdS login and password to access the system. Surf to the new moodle here.


Akkreditierter Studiengang: UdS-Qualitätspass