Frey, G.; Moßig, K.; Schnabel, M.:
Assembly Line Sequencing based on Petri Net T-Invariants.
Preprints of the 9th IFAC-Symposium on Information Control in Manufacturing, INCOM'98, Nancy-Metz, 24.-26.06.1998, Volume 2, pp. 33-38.

    Mass production of goods which are equipped with customer specific features, e.g. automobiles, is mostly carried out on production lines. Varying processing times at the individual work zones of the line, depending on the particular job, make line sequencing necessary, in order to use the line well to capacity and to assure that there is sufficient time to carry out every processing task. In this contribution, a two-steps-method for line sequencing is introduced which allows fast sequencing even for huge numbers of jobs and product types. The knowledge about the line characteristics and the possible jobs is brought in into a Petri net model once. Given a particular job set, a valid job sequence is then determined very efficiently based on the T-invariants of the Petri net.