Diehl A.; Frey, G.:
Optimization of a Blood Separation Process.
Proceedings of the IEE International Conference on Simulation - Innovation Through Simulation,York, 30.09. - 02.10.98, pp. 19-26.

    In this contribution a mathematical model for the simulation of a blood separation process is presented. The simulation algorithm calculates the time-dependent three-dimensional distribution of red blood cells in the sedimentation centrifuge from the geometry of the centrifuge and the dynamic process parameters such as the rotation velocity of the centrifuge or the volume flow of supplied patient blood. The resulting process model is the basis for a stepwise optimisation and automation of the complex centrifugal blood sedimentation process. The presented results were achieved in a research and development cooperation between the Institute for Process Automation and one of the leading producers of autologuous blood salvage systems (FRESENIUS AG).