Frey, G.:
Experiment for the Validation of Transparency Metrics, Part A: Test Problems - Formal Correctness Analysis - Transparency Analysis - Solutions (EVTM-A)
Reports of the Institute of Process Automation I11/2000, University of Kaiserslautern.

This report is the first part of a three document set describing the experiments for the validation of transparency metrics performed in Bandung, Indonesia and Kaiserslautern, Germany in late 2000:

  1. EVTM-A: This report
  2. EVTM-B: The work-sheets as they have been presented to the students taking part in the experiment
  3. EVTM-C: The results of the experiments.

These three documents provide detailed information on the performed experiments. A paper containing the main results as well as some background on controlled experiments in Software Engineering and the concept of Transparency is currently under development.

There is a revised second edition of this report available.