Cladera, R.; Frey, G.:
A schema for the improved allocation of functionality in distributed industrial-process measurement and control systems.
XXVIII. ASR '2003 Seminar, Instruments and Control, Ostrava (Czech Republic), May 2003.

    The following paper will give an overview of the fundamentals and aims of a project facing a current stumbling block in the domain of distributed industrial-process measurement and control systems (IPMCs): the sensible, methodological distribution of function blocks (FBs) into hardware resources by taking advantage of the processing capabilities of the new generation of automation devices. These devices such as smart sensors and actors interconnected to field buses are becoming always more capable of taking over a part of the overall functionality of the control system, which had been traditionally relegated to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) or, in case of traditional distributed control systems, to a few large central processors. The functionality allocation and the closely related physical structuring of control systems in a rigorous manner is a complex issue that leads to resource efficiency in terms of reduced investment and improved realtimeliness. The engineering project workflow by using the new breed of function block oriented Engineering Support Systems (ESSs) to support the whole life cycle of distributed IPMCs will be shown, drawbacks pointed out and an enhanced schema for the development of a new concept under consideration of the project goals will be discussed.