Felgner, F; Cladera, R.; Merz, R.; Litz, L.:
Modelling Thermal Building Dynamics with Modelica,
Proceedings of "4th IMACS Symposium on Mathematical Modelling (MATHMOD 2003)", Paper 109, Vienna, Austria, February 2003.

This article presents a modular model library describing various processes of thermal building behaviour. The library is implemented in the modelling language Modelica emulating thermal building dynamics in a comprehensive way. This includes the HVAC system as well as solar radiation and user behaviour. It is illustrated how the dynamic behaviour of many coupled subsystems can be investigated and optimised in only one universal modelling and simulation environment. At the same time, the object-oriented and acausal language Modelica ensures a high degree of reusability. The library is free and can be downloaded from the website of the Modelica Association (www.modelica.org/libraries/ATplus).

Keywords: thermal building modelling, object-oriented modelling, Modelica.