Hussain, T.; Frey, G.:
Developing IEC 61499 Compliant Distributed Systems with Network Enabled Controllers.
Proceeding of the 2004 IEEE Conference on Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics, RAM-2004, Singapore, pp. 507-512, Dec. 2004.

    Advances in hardware and fieldbus communication have brought modern industrial automation systems at a place where the developers of that field found the modeling and development too complex to be solved with the existing tools. IEC 61499 evolved principally to provide a generic distributed modeling platform which can in one hand simplify the modeling of distributed systems and on the other hand diminish the differences between business system and industrial system software modeling. This paper shows how IEC 61499 can model a flexible and reconfigurable distributed application. A particular realization of the application deployed on a network-enabled controller is also shown. A prospective generalization of the developed system is depicted consisting of network-enabled controllers on which implemented codes of the IEC 61499 model can be deployed.