Greifeneder, J.; Frey, G.:
DesLaNAS - a language for describing Networked Automation Systems. Proceedings of the of the 12th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA 2007), Patras, Greece, pp. 1053-1060, September 2007.

    Abstract: The onward dispersion of Ethernet based structures with decentralized and distributed multi-user environments in automation leads towards Networked Automation Systems (NAS). The new modern structures are less expensive and at the same time more flexible than classi-cal ones. However, they induce non-deterministic delays. Hence, the detailed analysis of the resulting response time is not only prerequisite for the responsible use; it also enables to check dependability properties prior-to changes or expansions of the system. To do so, a new modeling language - DesLaNAS - is introduced, which accounts for the special needs of modeling NAS. Based on Probabilistic Model Checking for the analysis, the influence of different components and of net-based behavior modes like resource-sharing and synchronization on the resulting response time is discussed.

    Keywords: Probabilistic Model-Checking, Design-Process, DesLaNAS, Networked Automation Systems, Response time determination, Safety