Liu, L.; Frey, G.:
Simulation Approach for Evaluating Response Times in Networked Automation Systems. Proceedings of the of the 12th IEEE International Conference on Emerging Technologies and Factory Automation (ETFA 2007), Patras, Greece, pp. 1061-1068, September 2007.

    Abstract: Evaluation of response times in Networked Automation System (NAS), especially ethernet-based NAS, is a new challenge in automation domain. This paper presents a feasible simulation approach for this issue. A model library of typical NAS structure is built using Modelica/Dymola. Modular modeling concept is implemented to enable a better representation of system structure. The presented toolbox allows users to explore the temporal behavior of the system by simulation. The modeling is described in some detail. Comparisons with concerned tools are performed to reveal potential improvement. A case study shows how simulation of NAS with process model in closed loop is arranged. Use of the tools is presented in an example.

    Modeling, Simulation, Modelica/Dymola,  Response time evaluation, Close loop Networked Automation Systems