Dimitrova, D.; Frey, G.; Batchkova, I.:
Sequential Control at the Supervisory level of Batch Plant using Signal Interpreted Petri Nets.
Proceedings of the International Conference on Automatics and Informatics, Sofia, Bulgaria, Vol. 2, Part V, pp.17-20, October 2007.

    Abstract: Traditionally batch control is one of the most difficult and complex control system for implementation since it includes basic regulatory as well as logic control operating under supervisory recipe-based sequential control. In order to enhance the reliability and reusability and to enable fast reconfiguration of batch plants, a new approach for sequential control at the supervisory level is proposed. The approach combines the modular methodology of ANSI/ISA-S88 standard with Signal Interpreted Petri Nets as a technique for formal modeling and verification of the designed control system. The paper describes the approach and illustrates it with an example of batch plant for derivation of purified terpens.

    Keywords: Batch processes, Signal Interpreted Petri Nets, sequential control, formal verification