Panjaitan, S.; Frey, G.:
Functional Control Objects in Distributed Automation Systems
Proceedings of 1st IFAC Workshop on Intelligent Manufacturing Systems (IMS'07), Alicante, Spain, (Preprints pp. 293-298), May 2007.

Flexibility and re-configurability are the current paradigms which should be considered in manufacturing systems. To deal with such capabilities, the systems are considered as assembly of intelligent components (mechatronic objects) settled in a distributed control framework. In this paper, Functionality Based Control (FBC) is exploited to enhance flexibility dealing with high reusability of common functional mechanisms in mechatronic objects. The simplification of some activities such as re-designing and re-programming on component level is an advantage of the approach. FBC incorporates a scheduling mechanism for basic functionalities. This could not only enhance the reuse but also supports the cost and time efficient re-configuration of the system to new production scenarios. While object oriented concepts (namely UML) are used in the design, the im-plementation of the presented structures is using the current industrial standard for dis-tributed control systems: IEC 61499.

Keywords: distributed automation, IEC 61499, mechatronic object, functional module, intelligent component