Greifeneder, J.; Liu, L.; Frey, G.:
Methoden zur Antwortzeitanalyse in vernetzten Automatisierungssystemen,
Proceedings of the SPS/IPC/DRIVES, Nürnberg, Deutschland, Seiten 517 - 525, November 2007.

    Methods for Analyzing Response Times in Networked Automation Systems

    Abstract: In this article two approaches for the analysis of response times in Networked Auto-mation Systems are presented. Their strength and weaknesses are discussed using a typical example. While simulation using Modelica offers a user-friendly implementation of the system, probabilistic model-checking gives more accurate and reproducible results in less time. The results of both methods are validated by measurements.

    Keywords:Response Time, Probabilistic Model Checking, Simulation, Networked Automation Systems.