Bani Younis, M.; Fay, A.; Frey, G.:
Automatische Re-Implementierung von SPS-Programmen,
Proceedings of the SPS/IPC/DRIVES, Nürnberg, Germany, pp. 287 - 295, Nov. 27-29, 2007.

    Automatic Re-Implementation of PLC Programs

    Abstract: Industrial tools offer only limited support for re-implementation of PLC programs onto new platforms. The generated code requires considerable manual re-work by a specialist. The re-implementation is especially complex for programs written in lowlevel languages such as Instruction List (IL) since the generated code lacks redocumentation. This paper proposes a re-implementation approach for IL programs based on Finite State Machines (FSMs) as an intermediate model. The FSMs serve as re-documentation of the code using XML-related technologies for visualizations. The sequence control parts of the program are in a further step automatically converted into Sequential Function Charts compliant to IEC 61131-3.

    Keywords:PLC, Formal Methods, Re-Implementation, XML