Ivanova D.; Batchkova, I.; Frey, G.: IEC 61499 based vacuum control system for electron beam melting processes. Proceedings of the National Scientific and Technical Conference with International Participating "Automation in Mining Industry and Metallurgy", Nov. 2008.

Electron beam melting and refining (EBMR) in vacuum is a well established technology for the production of high quality pure metals and alloys. The benefits of the EBM are its ability to make very small and accurate cuts. Follow the last trends in the automation and control in this area and taking into account the main system requirements to the control of vacuum system in the EBMR plant, an approach based on the combined use of IEC61499 standard and ANSI/ISA S88 standard for batch control is proposed in this paper. One of main advantages of applying this approach is the possibilities of reusing the IEC 61499 based component library for batch control

Keywords: Electron Beam Melting, Vacuum Control Solution, Reusable Component, IEC 61499 Standard.