Greifeneder, J.; Liu, L.; Frey, G.:
Comparing Simulative and Formal Methods for the Analysis of Response Times in Networked Automation Systems.
Proceedings of the 17th IFAC World Congress, pp. 5113-5118, Seoul, Südkorea, July 2008

Abstract: Networked Automation Systems (NAS) result from the increasing decentralization of automation systems using new network structures. The new modern structures are less expensive and more flexible. However, they introduce non-deterministic delays. Therefore, the detailed analysis methods are being investigated. In this article, two approaches for the analysis of response times in NAS are presented. Their strengths and weaknesses are discussed based on a typical example. While simulation using Dymola/Modelica offers a user-friendly implementation of the system models, probabilistic model checking gives more accurate and reproducible results in less time. The results of both methods are validated by measurements with large number of samples. It is demonstrated relatively accuracy results are obtainable by both approaches.

:Response Time, Probabilistic Model Checking, Simulation, Networked Automation Systems.