Wagner, F.; Liu, L.; Frey, G.:
Simulation of Distributed Automation Systems in Modelica,
Proceedings of the 6th International Modelica Conference, Bielefeld, Germany, March 2008

Abstract:The increasing application of network technologies and smart embedded devices in the field of automation and control leads to new distributed system architectures. The analysis of the resulting distributed automation systems requires models that cover physical processes as well as computing and communication devices. Modelica as multi-domain modeling language offers the necessary support to build such models. While, for physical systems, there are many Modelica libraries, only limited support for the modeling of computation and communication is currently available. This gap is filled by the presented network and controller libraries. The network library currently supports switched Ethernet, WLAN, and ZigBee. The controller library offers different types of controllers as well as interface devices. Implementation aspects of the presented libraries are discussed in some detail and their application is illustrated by examples.

Keywords:Distributed Automation Systems, Modelica, Simulation, Dymola , Networked Automation Systems.