Frey, G.: Proceedings of the 3rd International Workshop on Dependable Control of Discrete Systems. Saarbrücken, Germany, June 2011.


The workshop series on Dependable Control of Discrete Systems (DCDS) started in 2007 in Cachan (France). The second edition was held in 2009 in Bari (Italy). The biannual event is held alternating with the Workshop on Discrete Event Systems (WoDES).This volume contains the preprints of DCDS’11, the 3rd International Workshop on Dependable Control of Discrete Systems, held on the Campus of Saarland University in Saarbrücken from June 15th to 17th, 2011.DCDS’11 is organized by the Chair of Automation at Saarland University with technical Co-Sponsorship by IEEE Industrial Electronics Society and GI Gesellschaft für Informatik FG-RT. Our gratitude goes to ZF Getriebe GmbH, Saarstahl AG, ABB AG, and Festo for supporting the workshop.We are happy that three distinguished speakers have accepted our invitation to present keynotes at DCDS’11. These are:

  • Practical formal validation method for interlocking or automated system presented by Marc Antoni, SNCF / Infrastructure Direction
  • GENESYS—A generic architecture for embedded control systems presented by Hermann Kopetz, Vienna University of Technology
  • Anomaly detection in event-based manufacturing systems using model generation presented by Dawn Tilbury, University of Michigan

Besides the abstracts of the three plenary lectures, this preprint volume includes 29 papers scheduled for presentation at DCDS’11, which were selected from 51 submitted contributions.
The included papers were accepted after a careful reviewing process, where each submitted paper received, on average, three reviews. Submissions that were co-authored by a co-chair of the International Program Committee went through an anonymous reviewing process. Such papers were handled by Jan Lunze, and the reviewers chosen by him remained completely anonymous for the IPC co-chairs.
The 74 authors of the 29 accepted papers come from 11 countries: France (24), Germany (18), Italy (14), Canada (3), Mexico (3), USA (3), Australia (2), United Kingdom (2), Sweden (2), New Zealand (2), and Greece (1), where the numbers reflect the affiliations of the authors and authors are counted only once even if they contributed to more than one paper. The number of authors from outside academics was 8.
We thank Alexandre Philippot for organizing a Special Session on Diagnosis of Discrete Event Systems-Application to a Benchmark.
The 47 members of the International Program Committee, the 7 members of the Steering Committee and the 28 External Reviewers, both known and anonymous, did a tremendous job in reading of the assigned papers and providing constructive comments to the authors. Thanks are also due to the National Organizing Committee (page xii) and the local team supporting it.
Finally, we express our hope that this preprint volume will be a valuable source of information for all participants of DCDS’11, and that the corresponding Proceedings, which will be published online at ieee xplore will be a useful reference for the community.

Georg Frey for the IPC Chairs of DCDS’11