Felgner, F.; Frey, G.: Object-Oriented Simulation Model of Thermoelectric Devices for Energy System Design. Proceedings of 16th IEEE Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference (MELECON 2012), Hammamet, Tunisia, pp. 577-580, March 2012.


The contribution presents a flexible simulation modelof thermoelectric devices, suitable for the design and controlverification of related energy systems, e.g. waste heat recoveryby a Thermoelectric Generator. The models are built accordingto the object-oriented scheme of the Modelica® language. Basedon the essential physical effects of thermoelectric materials, themodel components are applicable to describe a ThermoelectricGenerator as well as a Peltier Cooler. Unlike averagedproperties,steady-state models seen in related works, thepresented models can respect the temperature dependencies ofdecisive material properties in 1D spatial temperature resolutionand are capable of describing transient thermal behavior.