Nesarajah M.; Exel L.; Frey, G.: Modelica® Library for Dynamic Simulation of Thermoelectric Generators. 11th European Conference on Thermoelectrics, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, Nov. 2013; in: A. Amaldi and F. Tang (Eds.): Proceedings of the 11th European Conference on Thermoelectrics: ECT 2013, Springer International Publishing Switzerland, pp. 213-217, 2014.


The contribution presents a new modeling library for the dynamic simulation of thermoelectric generators (TEG) in 1D spatial resolution. The core of the library is a model of the thermoelectric legs (TEL), which has already been published by the authors. In the submitted work, this model is expanded to an overall Modelica® library for complete TEGs. The library is open source and can be extended. It is also usable by end-users without deeper knowledge through a graphical user interface (GUI). The use of the library is illustrated by the example of an electronic thermostat valve powered by a TEG.

Keywords: Thermoelectric Generators, Modelica® Library, Simulation, Modeling