Zhang, J.; Khalgui, M.; Li, Z.; Frey, G.; Mosbahi, O.; Salah, H.B.: Reconfigurable Coordination of Distributed Discrete Event Control Systems. IEEE Transactions on Control Systems Technology, Vol. 23, No. 1, pp. 323-330, Jan. 2015.


Dynamic reconfigurability is receiving more and more attention from both academy and industry, which means the ability to flexibly modify system functions by adding/removing hardware/software components, modifying logic relation between components, or updating particular system data at runtime without sacrificing the system performance. A distributed reconfigurable discrete event control system (DRDECS) is composed of several networked reconfigurable subsystems. In order to realize system functions, these reconfigurable subsystems communicate and coordinate with each other, since any casually reconfiguration applied to a subsystem may cause risks to others, or even to the safety of the whole system. This brief proposes a new coordination method for a DRDECS, where each subsystem is modeled by a reconfigurable timed net condition/event system. A virtual coordinator together with a communication protocol between it and subsystems is developed in order to achieve two aims: 1) to coordinate subsystems with an optimal coordination solution using judgement matrices while multiple subsystems require global reconfigurations and 2) to reduce exchanged messages between the coordinator and these subsystems. Furthermore, for the purpose of checking functional and temporal properties of a DRDECS with this virtual coordinator, a computation tree logic-based model checking method is applied. Finally, a hypothetic manufacturing plant is used as a running example to illustrate this brief.