Fkaier, Soumoud; Romdhani, Mohamed; Khalgui, Mohamed; Frey, Georg.: Enabling Reconfiguration of Adaptive Control Systems Using Real-Time Context-Aware Framework. 13th ACS/IEEE International Conference on Computer Systems and Applications (AICCSA 2016), Agadir, Morocco, Dec. 2016.


Current industrial systems need to interact with the surrounding environment in order to provide more efficiency. In such systems, used software applications must be strong enough to answer run-time needs. Context-aware applications seem to be an appropriate solution that can satisfy adaptation to the continuous changes. Safe reconfigurations require the respect of tasks deadlines and the avoidance of blocking. However, existing solutions are still insufficient and lack many important services. In this paper, we propose a new context-aware framework for developing control applications in dynamically changing environment. We focus on respecting real-time as well as functional constraints. The proposed framework structure provides simple reconfiguration handling and boosts the awareness of applications. This paper describes the definition of the proposed framework and its design. To prove the validation of the new approach, we have performed a case study and simulations.


Context-aware framework, Reconfiguration, Adaptive software service, Real-time system, Functional constraint