Nesarajah, M.; Frey, G.: Thermoelectric Applications for Home Use: Thermostat and Green Barbecue 2.0. Poster Presentation at the 14th European Conference on Thermoelectrics (ECT 2016), Lisbon, Portugal, Sep. 2016.


This contribution presents two thermoelectric applications for home use. One is an energy harvesting system (EHS) at a heating to supply an electronic thermostat valve and the other is the revised green barbecue. In the case of the former one, the temperature difference between radiator surface and ambient temperature is used to produce electrical energy and supply the electronic thermostat valve. The green barbecue 2.0 is a thermoelectric EHS, which converts the thermal energy from a fire during barbecue to electrical energy. Hereby, it is possible to load a mobile phone, hear music or use a 12 V vehicle plug, beside the operation of the cooling fans. Both systems are described and measurement data are recorded, during the winter period of 2015/2016 for the thermostat and during different barbecues in 2016 for the green barbecue. These data are compared for both applications with simulation results from Modelica®/Dymola®. Thus, potential for improvement are identified and possible improvement opportunities are addressed.