Ben Salem, M. O.; Mosbahi, O.; Khalgui, M.; Frey, G.: R-UML: An UML Profile for Verification of Flexible Control Systems. Software Technologies, Vol. 586, pp. 118-136, Feb. 2016.


Unified Modeling Language (UML) is currently accepted as the standard for modeling software and control systems since it allows to highlight different aspects of the system under design. Nevertheless, UML lacks formal semantics and, hence, it is not possible to apply, directly, mathematical techniques on UML models in order to verify them. Furthermore, UML does not feature explicit semantics to model flexible control systems sharing adaptive shared resources either. Thus, this work proposes a new UML profile, baptized R-UML (Reconfigurable UML), to model such reconfigurable systems. R-UML is enriched with a PCP-based solution for the management of resource sharing. The paper also presents an automatic translation of R-UML into R-TNCES, a Petri Net-based formalism, in order to support model checking.


UML, R-TNCES, Model transformation, Modeling, Model-based verification, PCP, Shared resource


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