Fkaier, Soumoud; Romdhani, Mohamed; Khalgui, Mohamed.; Frey, Georg.: R2TCA: New Tool for Developing Reconfigurable Real-Time Context-Aware Framework -Application to Baggage Handling Systems-. 10th International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies (UBICOMM 2016), pp. 113-119, Venice, Italy, Oct. 2016.


Context-awareness was introduced in various domains of ubiquitous computing ranging from mobile computing to automated manufacturing. It gained this importance based on the fact that it provides the possibility to handle adaptive systems according to the environment changes. Therefore, a wide variety of frameworks was developed. However, some requirements are still not satisfied, especially those related to resolving functional constraints, such as inclusion, precedence, and shared resources constraints. Dealing with real-time issues also has not been satisfied. In this work, we propose a new tool for developing a context-aware framework able to overcome the mentioned problems. As proof of concept, we simulated a case study and performed results analysis.


Context-aware framework, Reconfigurable system, Real-time system, Functional constraint, Flexible software service