Publications of Daud Mustafa Minhas

Journal Papers and Book Chapters

(reverse chronological)

Minhas, D, M.; Hussain, S.: Efficient control Algorithms for Perfect Power SystemIn Smart Grid as a Solution to Renewable and Efficient Energy, IGI Global, 2015.

Conference Papers

(reverse chronological)

Minhas, Daud Mustafa; Khalid, Raja Rehan; Frey, Georg : Real-Time Power Balancing in Photovoltaic-Integrated Smart Micro-grid. The 43rd Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, IECON 17, Beijing, China, October. 2017.

Minhas, Daud Mustafa; Khalid, Raja Rehan; Frey, Georg : Activation of electrical loads under electricity price uncertainty. The 5th IEEE International Conference on Smart Energy Grid Engineering (SEGE 2017), Oshawa, Canada, August. 2017.

Minhas, Daud Mustafa; Khalid, Raja Rehan; Frey, Georg : Load Control For Supply-Demand Balancing Under Renewable Energy Forcasting. The 2nd IEEE International Conference on DC Microgrids (ICDCM 2017), PP 365-370, Nürnberg, Germany, June. 2017. DOI: 10.1109/ICDCM.2017.8001071

Minhas, Daud Mustafa; Khalid, Raja Rehan; Frey, Georg: Short Term Forecasting Using Hybrid Adaptive Fuzzy Neural System: The Performance Evaluation. 2017 IEEE PES PowerAfrica Conference (PES Africa 2017), PP 468 - 473, Accra, Ghana, Jun. 2017. DOI: 10.1109/PowerAfrica.2017.7991270

Rashad, M.; Minhas, D, M.; Ashraf, M.; Hussain, S.: PFC topologies for AC to DC converters in DC micro-grid. 2016 18th Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference (MELECON), Lemesos, 2016, pp. 1-6.

Minhas, D, M.; Rashad, M.; Hussain, S.; Ashraf, M.: Cost effective bidirectional power transactions for queueing energy requests in smart micro-grids. 2016 18th Mediterranean Electrotechnical Conference (MELECON), Lemesos, 2016, pp. 1-6.

Minhas, D, M.: Load balancing in smart DC micro-grid using delay tolerant user demands. 2015 IEEE International Conference on Smart Grid Communications (SmartGridComm), Miami, FL, 2015, pp. 157-162.

Minhas, D, M.; Rashad, M.; Hussain, S.; Ashraf, M.: Optimal control of power cost and consumer satisfaction using smart grid intelligent energy management system. 2015 10th Asian Control Conference (ASCC), Kota Kinabalu, 2015, pp. 1-6