Courses: Transcultural Anglophone Studies in the winter term 2019/20

Prof. Dr. Ghosh-Schellhorn will be on sabbatical leave during the winter term 2019/20.

Tina Helbig M.A.

Nation and Identity: New Zealand

Fr 10-12:00 c.t.

This course examines the role media representation plays in defining New Zealand’s national identity. We will analyse short-stories, movies, advertisements, and visual social media in order to discuss the following topics: nation building, national identity, cultural identity, and intercultural relations between European colonizers and their descendants and the Māori people.

Texts: Katherine Mansfield, “The Garden Party”. Frank Sargeson, “The Making of a New Zealander”. Patricia Grace, “A Way of Talking”. Lee Tamahori (dir.), Once Were Warriors. Niki Caro (dir.), Whale Rider. Taika Waititi (dir.), Hunt for the Wilderpeople.

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