Dr. Soenke Zehle

Transcultural Media Studies Project

Soenke Zehle holds a BA in English and Comparative Literary Studies and in Political Science from Occidental College, Los Angeles, as well as an MA in Comparative Literature, an MA in Pilosophy, Certificates in Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies as well as Translation (English<>German) from the State University of New York at Binghamton, where he completed his doctoral dissertation in the Department of Comparative Literature (PhD-Program in Philosophy, Literature, and the Theory of Cricitism) in 2004.

His work and teaching is informed by approaches from media studies, political ecology, and postcolonialism. He has taught in the US (SUNY) and Germany (Saarland University, Academy of Fine Arts) on US multi-ethnic literatures and minority social movements, on a broad range of topics in transcultural literary and media studies as well as seminars in media theory and translation; areas of emphasis include anglophone African film and literature, network cultures, media and political ecology.

He is currently pursuing a post-doctoral research project on visual essayism. He also serves as co-coordinator of the university's GradUS Doctoral Program. In addition to teaching at Saarland University, he directs the Experimental Media Lab (XMLab) at the Academy of Fine Arts Saar.

For a complete list of publications, see the online bibliography compiled by the university library (-2005, 2006-).


  • Working Group on Environment and Security (TES), IUCN Commission on Environmental, Economic and Social Policy (CEESP)




  • Ryszard Kapuściński and the Borders of Documentarism: Toward Exposure without Assumption (in: International Perspectives on Literary Journalism, ed. John Bak)
  • Homo Ludens Ludens (Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians 69:1 2010)
  • In preparation: special eco-media issue of fibreculture (co-edited with Ned Rossiter, Sean Cubitt, Andrew Murphie)


Research Activities Net.Culture & Visual Media

  • Workshop: New Media Workers in Europe and Asia, Shanghai. In cooperation with the Institute of Comparative Cultural Studies (Ningbo, China) and the Asia-Europe Foundation (Singapore)
  • Symposium: Network Ecologies, Saarbruecken (2-3 July 2010). In cooperation with the International Center for Information Ethics ( ICIE)
  • Symposium: Welt am Draht (27-28 Oct 2010)
  • Exhibition: Polish Animation: Presenting the Lodz Film School (25 Nov - 9 Dec 2010)
  • Workshop: Social Media Network for Young African Filmmakers and Visual Artists. Yaoundé, Kamerun. In Kooperation mit dem Goethe Institut und der Plattform Crew United (29 Nov -2 Dec 2010)
  • Workshop: Madiba- Dynamic Water Cartographies. SUD 2010. In cooperation mit Doual'Art und Ushahidi (3-6 Dec 2010)
  • Film Festival: African Cinema Festival 2010 (26 Nov - 5 Dec 2010).

2009 Publications

Research Activities Net.Culture & Visual Media

  • FP7-Proposal on Games & Journalism (ICT 2009)
  • Wintercamp (INC)
  • Microscience
  • Kapuscinski - Grenzgänge
  • African Cinema Festival 2009
  • Cinema: Philippinische Filmtage - PDF
  • Cinema: Seaview - German Tour - PDF
  • Joint Lecture/Seminar (HBK/DFKI) incl. Serious Games



 2008 Publications


Research Activities Net.Culture & Visual Media

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Research Activities Net.Culture & Visual Media