Publikationen Charina Lüder


  • Schäfer, S.K., Lüder, C., Porcheret, K., Hu, X., Margraf, J., Michael, T., Holmes, E.A., Werner, G.G., Wilhelm, I., Woud, M.L., Zeng, S., Friesen, E., Haim-Nachum, S., Lass-Hennemann, J., Lieb, K., Kunzler, A.M., Wirth, B.E., & Sopp, M.R. (2022). To Sleep or Not to Sleep, That Is the Question: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis on the Effect of Post-Trauma Sleep on Intrusive Memories of Analog Trauma. PREPRINT available at OSF []


  • Lüder, C. C., Schäfer, S. K., Michael, T., Sopp M. R. (2021, July 8). The impact of posttraumatic sleep on intrusive memories – a meta-analysis of analog studies. Paper presented at the 42nd Stress and Anxiety Research Society STAR International Conference, University of Haifa.