Trial Studies - Current information and impressions from past years

Information about the Trial Study

The Department of Chemistry at Saarland University is organizing the Chemistry Trial Program again this year. The aim is to gain an insight into the everyday life of a chemistry student and to arouse interest in studying chemistry.

Who is the trial study program for?

You are graduating from high school this year or next year and are thinking about studying chemistry at Saarland University because you are interested in scientific phenomena in everyday life? Then the trial study is exactly the right thing for you!

The Chemistry Trial Program at Saarland University offers you the opportunity to gain insight into the chemistry department and the course of study. First and foremost, you should get an impression of what it means to study chemistry at Saarland University. For this purpose, you will receive subject-related lectures from several professors in the morning and, as a trial student, you will experience a practical laboratory phase adapted to this at noon. In addition to the program, you will also have the opportunity to talk to professors, doctoral students and students about the study of chemistry in order to gather as many impressions and information as possible.

When does the trial study take place and what is offered?

Due to high demand, 2 dates will be offered during the summer vacations this year:

Date 1: 07/24/2023 to 07/28/2023 - Application stop: 05.06.2023

Date 2: 08/28/2022 to 09/01/2022 - Application stop: 10.07.2023

The number of participants is limited to 30.

The days start at 9:00 a.m. with a theory phase, similar to a lecture. After a one-hour lunch break, there is a practical phase in the laboratory on the respective topic until about 5:00 pm.

The exact programme is yet to be announced. For reference, here is the programme for 2022.

Monday: In the morning you will receive general information about the course of studies in chemistry at Saarland University. Afterwards, you will be introduced to the most important contact points on campus in a campus tour. After a common lunch break, you will gain your first practical experience in a safety seminar followed by a tour of the chemistry laboratories.

Tuesday: In the morning you will attend your first lecture with a focus on organic chemistry. You will learn more about the development of active ingredients and the synthesis of natural substances. At noon you will produce an active ingredient in the laboratory.

Wednesday: The morning deals with aspects of macromolecular chemistry. In the lecture on polymers you will learn how the structures of organic polymers can be modified. At noon, you will again be able to apply your knowledge of polymers in a practical experimental session.

Thursday: In the morning you will attend a lecture on inorganics. Here you will gain exciting insights into the world of semiconductors and silicon chemistry. At noon, experiments will be conducted on the element silicon and other semiconductors.

Friday: The last day of the trial studies starts in the morning with a lecture on spectroscopy. You will learn, for example, how your microwave works and how important spectroscopic measurement methods are as analytical procedures in science. You will also apply this at lunchtime by investigating substances using spectroscopy.

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Impressions from 2023

The trial study Chemistry 2023 is through!
30 students were able to experience the daily routine of studying chemistry on two dates. They attended the first lectures on organic, inorganic, macromolecular and physical chemistry. The topics discussed were later applied practically through experiments in the laboratory. These included the synthesis of aspirin in organic chemistry, the synthesis of fluorescein, a fluorescent dye, in physical chemistry, the analysis of various plastics in macromolecular chemistry or titration in analytical chemistry.
At the end of the week, fruit ice cream and milk ice cream were made with liquid nitrogen.

We are looking forward to next year!

Impressions from 2022

"The trial study was very interesting and is definitely recommendable."

The first round of the trial study Chemistry 2022 is over! In the last week of July, high school students attended lectures on various areas of chemistry every day from 9 am. After the lunch break, they continued in the lab with matching experiments. These included, for example, the production of aspirin in organic chemistry or the synthesis of fluorescein in physical chemistry. Finally, on Friday, we made our own ice cream with liquid nitrogen (-198°C).

We look forward to seeing you in the 2023 trial programme!

Impressions from 2021

The Chemistry Trial from Aug. 23 to Aug. 26, 2021, was a great success both for the participating students from different grade levels and for the Chemistry Department at Saarland University. The week organized at the UdS could help all participants to gain a realistic impression of the course of a typical week as a chemistry student.

Despite the new learning content and the limited time frame of the lectures, the participants were able to gain first insights in theory and practice in each department of chemistry. Following the lectures, the new content could be deepened in practice each afternoon. 

The Chemistry Trial will be offered again in the coming year as an extension of the student advisory service and orientation for interested students. Many thanks to all professors and staff as well as to all participating students for the Chemistry Trial! All participants as well as all involved working groups of the chemistry department enjoyed the Chemistry Trial. We are looking forward to welcoming interested students to the Chemistry Trial again next year.