Further Program of the NanoBioLab

Information for Teachers

Advanced training in chemistry didactics

Title of the training



The spherical cloud model in chemistry teaching

Vanessa Lang (Didactics of Chemistry),

Annika Eichinger (Didactics of Chemistry)

12.01.2022LPM: A15.163-0112

Motivating science lessons:

Meaningful use of gamification using the example of the EscapeLab

Vanessa Lang (Didactics of Chemistry),

Annika Eichinger (Didactics of Chemistry)

16.03.2022LPM: A15.151-0412
Diagnostic and differentiation potential of explanatory videos in science lessons


Vanessa Lang (Didactics of Chemistry),

Annika Eichinger (Didactics of Chemistry)

06.04.2022LPM: A15.151-0512
Promoting scientific knowledge in chemistry lessons

Vanessa Lang (Didactics of Chemistry),

Annika Eichinger (Didactics of Chemistry)

18.05.2022LPM: A15.163-0212


Information for Students

Trial Study Chemistry - Current information and impressions from past years

More information about the trial study chemistry and impressions from 2021 and 2022 can be found here.


Voluntary Social Year in Physical Chemistry and Didactics of Chemistry (NanoBioLab)

Between A-levels and studies ...

You don't know exactly what you want to do after graduating from high school and you are thinking about studying or you don't want to start studying directly?

Then do a 'Voluntary Social Year' at Saarland University! 

You enjoy natural sciences, especially chemistry, and are interested in working with students?

Then do a FSJ in the working group of 'Physical Chemistry and Didactics of Chemistry/NanoBioLab'!

The target group for the allocation of the FSJ places are mainly high school graduates. This gives you the chance to get to know the university before you start your studies. As part of the working group, you can experience the university from a different perspective and look behind the scenes. You also have the opportunity to take a look at everyday university life and attend lectures.

The NanoBioLab is a school laboratory and belongs to the Saarland school laboratory network SaarLab. On Tuesdays and Thursdays you will supervise school classes together with teachers and students of chemistry. The goal of the school lab is to awaken the interest of students in science and especially in chemistry. As an FSJ you will be responsible for the preparation and post-processing of the NanoBioLab experiments, the maintenance of the experimental set-up and much more.  In addition, you can support the student teachers in their experiments during the lectures and assist colleagues of the PC/DC.

You can also find us on Instagram: chemiedidaktik_uni_saarland and on Facebook: PC/DC.UdS !

General info about the FSJ:

  • The FSJ is preferably given to high school graduates (under 26 years). Full-time compulsory education must be fulfilled.
  • The FSJ usually lasts 12 months, but can be shortened (e.g. due to the start of a university course) or extended to 18 months.
  • There is a monthly allowance, as well as entitlement to child benefit and social security coverage.
  • At the end of the FSJ, you will receive a work certificate and a certificate of participation and completion.
  • Various seminar days and weeks await you throughout the year (organized by the sponsor of the FSJ).

Your sponsor is the Competence Center for Voluntary Services, where you can also find more information about the FSJ:  https://paritaet-freiwilligendienste.de/fsj/

We are looking forward to your application! You can send your application by mail or by post to the following addresses. Please indicate "Physical chemistry (student lab "NanoBioLab")" in your application.

Postal address:

Universität des Saarlandes
Dezernat P - Personal
Standort Meerwiesertalweg
Postfach 15 11 50
66041 Saarbrücken


Anne Becker
Tel.: 068 302 64351
E-Mail: fsj(at)univw.uni-saarland.de