Project Thesis (Bachelor)

The Chair of Digital Transformation and Information Systems offers Bachelor's students of Business Informatics the opportunity to work on a project thesis. The aim of the project thesis is to promote the transfer of theoretical knowledge into practice and to conceptually prepare and practically implement complex issues in the field of digitalization in the context of business informatics.



Formal Requirements

Please refer to the examination regulations for the formal admission requirements for a registration to the project thesis. 


Further Requirements

English language skills are imparative, as the project theses at our junior professorship are generally to be written in the english language. You should be capable of reading, understanding and writing scientific texts in English.



Your complete application documents include

  • Brief curriculum vitae, especially regarding your experience in the design and implementation of software projects
  • Excerpt of the achievements in the current study period
  • If you are proposing your own topic: short description and motivation of the topic

Please send the complete documents to the respective supervisor of your chosen topic or to Prof. Dr. Stefan Morana.


  • Start at any time, preferably at the beginning of a semester.
  • The project can be worked on individually or in groups (in consultation with the supervisor).
  • Further information on a topic can be obtained from the specified supervisor.
  • Registration for the project work takes place after prior consultation with the supervisor via VIPA.
  • The project work must be written in English.
  • Scope: 9 CP (270 h)
  • Course of studies: Business Informatics (Bachelor)
  • General guidelines can be found  here



The project work includes:

  1. Practical programming task according to the assignment and in consultation with the respective supervisor. Depending on the task, the work is done individually or in a team.
  2. Written documentation of the course and results of the project. The documentation must describe the implemented system in detail (architecture, data structure, interfaces, etc.). The extent of the documentation depends on the task and has to be agreed upon individually with the supervisor. Please use the following template for your written documentation and follow the citation instructions provided.
  3. Presentation of the results.

The final grade is made up of the partial grades for the practical work, the documentation and the presentation. Passing all three partial assessments is required to pass the project thesis. The general guidelines for project work and student research projects can be found here.

Topic Identification

Currently we do not have any predefined topics. To find a topic or if you already have a topic suggestion, please contact Prof. Dr. Stefan Morana.



For further questions please contact Prof. Dr. Stefan Morana.