Paramter Identification for PDEs

Parameter identification for systems described by partial differential equations

DFG-project "Parameteridentifikation in Systemen mit örtlich verteilten Parametern und örtlich konzentrierten Messgrößen"


Model-based control strategies require viable mathematical models describing a process to be controlled with sufficient accuracy. The parameters of these models have to be known in advance for the controller to work properly. While more often than not these parameters cannot be identified offline, thus necessitating powerful online estimation algorithms, here, the identification is further complicated by the class of systems under consideration: The parameters of systems with spatially distributed parameters described by linear partial differential equations are to be identified using only a small number of concentrated measurements, e.g. boundary values.

Where, in general, identification approaches rely on some sort of approximation of the (infinite-dimensional) distributed parameter system, the method proposed in this project does not. The project mainly aims at advancing the theorectial framework for the method as well as analyzing numerical issues involved. So far, the new identification approach has successfully been applied to numerous systems both in theory and in practice. It has also shown promise in the identification of system orders and structures, especially but not limited to systems with non-integer orders, i.e. systems of fractional order.

Publications (selection)

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Dipl.-Ing. N. Gehring

Dipl.-Ing. C. Stauch (ZeMA)

Dr.-Ing. F. Woittennek (TU Dresden)

Dipl.-Ing. T. Knüppel (TU Dresden)

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