Information for applicants from Homburg

Information for applicants from Homburg


Faculty M students from the Human and Molecular Biology in Homburg can be conferred their doctorate at our faculty. 

The doctorate of Natural Sciences (Dr.rer.nat.) can, however, also be conferred at the medical faculty! In this case, the doctoral supervisor must have a doctorate in natural sciences (cf. section 4, para. 6, no. 2 of the doctorate regulations of the medical faculty).

Supervisor of the thesis and scientific supervisor

Being entered into the faculty's doctorate list is the requirement for admission to the doctorate procedure. 

Please use this application form for this purpose (english translation). 


Please bear in mind, that the supervisor of the thesis  for your doctorate procedure and the scientific supervisor must be an authorised member of Faculty NT (see section 4, para 2 of the doctorate regulations for Natural Sciences and Technology).

Therefore, if your supervisor of the thesis is based in Homburg, he or she must be co-opted by our faculty.

You can find a list of all our faculty's co-opted professors here.