Prof. Dr.-Ing. Stefan Diebels

Professorship for Applied Mechanics

Professor Dr.-Ing. Stefan Diebels


Prof. Diebels group is engaged in the modelling of microstructured continua and the simulation of their mechanical properties. 

The research topics at the Chair of Applied Mechanics comprise the three areas of

  • Theory 
  • Numerics and
  • Experiment 

Within the framework of single and multiphase continuum mechanics, models are developed to describe the material behaviour of metals, polymers, and bio materials on different scales. In experiments, not only the mechanical properties are investigated, but also the interactions of the materials with the environment, e.g. with temperature and humidity. To compare the theoretical approaches with the experimental results, it becomes necessary to transfer the nonlinear, hysteretic models into simulation tools. The finite element method is used for this purpose.

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