Prof. Dr. Claus-Michael Lehr

Professorship for Biopharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology

Professor Dr. Claus-Michael Lehr



Prof. Lehr´s research group focuses on cell cultures as in vitro models of biological barriers and modern drug delivery systems. In addition to the development of modern drug delivery systems such as nanoparticles and liposomes, the interactions between drugs and the most important resorption barriers of the human body are investigated at the Chair of Biopharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology. The prediction of drug absorption is as much a focus of research as the measurement of biocompatibility and clearance processes. With the help of the knowledge gained, drug formulations are optimized in terms of effectiveness and tolerability.

The following research areas are of particular interest:

  • Cell cultures of epithelial barriers, especially intestines, lungs, skin, eyes and transport studies of active substances across biological barriers
  • Modern drug delivery systems, e.g. nanoparticles for non-viral gene transfer, liposomes for pulmonary application, nanoparticles for targeting inflamed areas of the intestinal mucosa
  • Replacement of animal experiments

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