Declaration of consent to the collection of contact information

In order to facilitate the work of the international alumni network at Saarland University, I hereby consent to the storage and use of my personal, study-related and work-related data.

I consent to the storage of my data (see above) in the database 'International Alumni Database of Saarland University' so that I may be contacted at some later date for further information, for the purposes of international networking and for the purposes of planning, running and following-up on events and activities associated with the international alumni network.

I also consent that Saarland University may transmit my data (see above) to the university faculties and departments and to the President's Office and the University Board.

I understand that my consent is voluntarily, that I may refuse to give consent without detriment and that I may withdraw my consent at any time, whereby withdrawal of consent shall not affect the lawfulness of any of my personal data collected or processed prior to withdrawal. I may withdraw my consent by sending my notification of withdrawal by email to: alumni(at) Once my withdrawal of consent notice has been received, my data will be erased unless such data has been previously anonymized and is therefore no longer assignable.