Career services for university faculties and departments

Bringing business and academia together

Here at the Career Center, we help students and graduates to enter the job market and maximize their career opportunities. We do this by offering students recruitment events and access to our free-to-use career portal and by organizing the university's annual on-campus careers fair next. The Career Center also supports university faculties and departments that want to add more practical, career-relevant elements to their degree programmes. To achieve this objective, we work closely with the Knowledge and Technology Transfer Team and the Education and Quality Assurance Division

Career Center support services

Adding more practical, career-relevant elements to an academic curriculum can be challenging. We would be pleased to discuss any issues that you may be having and can support you in implementing the recommendations for action. Additional services that we can provide include: 

  • Organizing a bespoke tour of the campus job fair so that a departmental coordinator can guide students to relevant companies exhibiting at the fair. The company representatives will be notified in advance of the group's visit and will be available to talk to the students and answer any questions they may have. 

  • Career Centre staff can participate in departmental events to answer students' questions about job applications and recruitment. 

  • We also provide material for use in departmental or faculty career events (written guidance on compiling job applications, links to job boards and other online recruiting sites, information about the campus fair, overview of recruitment events in the relevant semester). 

  • Networking services – we can provide contacts at companies or organizations working in your field. 

Recommendations for increasing the proportion of practical, career-relevant components in degree programmes

The following document contains a range of recommendations that can help university faculties increase the proportion of practical, career-relevant components in their study programmes. The guidelines were adopted in their current form at the 158th session of the University Board of Studies and contain recommendations for action at the both the structural and curricular levels. 

Working with us

If your department would be interested in working with us to improve the career relevance of a specific programme, please email us at career(at) We can then sit down with you to discuss how we can provide targeted support within an agreed cooperative framework.