Preparing for your visit – Tips and FAQs

Event to prepare for the fair

To ensure that you are well prepared for the fair and come out of it ready for your future application processes, we will once again cover all topics related to applications: 

"prepare for the fair" is an English-language workshop covering the fundamentals of job applications, with a particular focus on online processes and professional online presence. The workshop includes tips on how to write a CV (attendees are invited to submit their CVs beforehand for review!) and how to manage your online presence. This will help you to, among other things, get the most out of our job fair 'next', which will be held on 13 June.

Date: 06 June 2022, 5 - 7 p.m.
Speaker: Cherry Kent

In cooperation with: International Office (IO), Eures


Tips for the career fair preparation and its follow-up

Here you can find our tips to help you prepare for the fair! Concerning your application photo, our career portal and our events for the fair preparation. It's worth to take a look!

Tips & Checklist English

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Does the participation with the fair cost anything?

No, the participation is free for all students/visitors!

For which disciplines is the campus fair suitable?

We make sure that there is something for every discipline. Even if you don't find a position that is interesting for you, you are still welcome to take advantage of the rest of the programme we offer during the fair. No matter if you're looking for a job, come by and have a great time!

I am studying at another university, or I am simply not studying at Uni Saarland anymore. Can I still take part?

Clearly yes!

Do I have to register beforehand?

No. Just come by!

What additional offers at the fair are there?

Free, professional application photos, CV-Checks, useful keynote speeches by our exhibitors and fun activities: We have a lot to offer in our pgroamme. You can find an overview unter "Events and Activities" soon.

Is there a dresscode?

In general, we say "Come as you are!". To get informed about companies informally you don't have to wear a suit. Neat and clean clothes should be enough. If you want to apply for a certain internship or a job, you should probably at least wear a shirt or a blouse and proper trousers. Here your knowledge of the industry is asked: Computer scientists often arrive with a shirt and trainers, whereas economists mostly dress more neatly and properly, often with a tie, a jacket and more elegant shoes.